Favorite Tack Cleaning Products

fav tack cleaningFavorite Tack Cleaning Products






1. Leather Therapy Wash. Does a great job of lifting dirt and grease from leather, as well as having mold inhibiting properties.

2. Passier Lederbalsam. My favorite leather conditioner. It does a wonderful deep conditioning of the leather, leaving it soft and supple with a subtle glow.


3. Simichrome Metal Polish. Comes in a paste form, which I find easy to use when cleaning metal with an electric toothbrush. Really gets brass gleaming and brightens and shines all metals.

4. Electric Toothbrush. Much easier than trying to clean metal by rubbing with your hands. Also easier to use in hard-to-reach places.

5. Dental pick. I use for cleaning out crevices and stitching on tack. I find the picks with thicker handles easier to use, especially when your hands are wet from cleaning tack.

For an extra step to keep the leather conditioned longer, I will sometimes use the Belvoir Tack Conditioner Spray.  This contains glycerine, which acts to help seal and protect the leather.  It also imparts a beautiful glow once polished.  I've found the easiest way to apply is to pour it into a small bowl and use an art paintbrush to apply.  Let it dry and then wipe down with a clean towel.


I clean my tack and half chaps/paddock boots after every ride.  It really keeps the tack in better condition than allowing the horse sweat and dirt to remain there.  Once you get into the routine of cleaning it each time, it really isn't too much of a hassle. I also take a wash cloth dipped in warm water and wipe down any elastic that touches the horse.  It is amazing how much cleaner and brighter the elastic looks.

I recently started using the Higher Standards Saddle Soap.  I prefer it to Leather Therapy for routine cleaning because I think it keeps the tack more supple for longer periods of time between conditioning.  It also cuts through grease and dirt very quickly and comes in a variety of pleasant scents. The jar will last quite a while.  My jar lasts about 5 months with an average of four times weekly use.

Higher Standards Leather Care


Jeffers has also started to carry the Higher Standards leather care products