Painting Faux Belgian Block Walls

rsz dscf4256Painting the Belgian block wall is similar to the stone wall technique. The walls shown here were made of wood that had the Belgian block design made with a router.




faux wall  base colorI used the color combinations of dark gray, medium gray and light gray paints. I used a mixture of dark gray and light gray paint to make the medium gray color.

First, I covered the entire jump in the base coat of medium gray.





rsz rsz dscf4248 1The next step is to quickly swirl some light gray paint in the top and interior of the individual block using a 1"-2" paintbrush              





rsz dscf4249Using another paintbrush, quickly swirl the sides of the block with dark gray paint. Add a dab of dark gray paint to the center of the block.

Only do two or three blocks at a time during this stage of the process.




rsz dscf4250 Using a small tack cleaning sponge inside a plastic shopping bag, quickly dab at the paints in a random fashion. The rapid dabbing leads to a more realistic texture than trying to blend the colors smoothly.





rsz dscf4254 After the paint has dried, touch up the routed area between the blocks with the medium gray base coat paint.

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