Easy Flowerpots For Jumps


easy flower pot

You can make all weather flower pots by using sturdy plastic flower pots, styrofoam blocks , air dry clay and artificial flowers. This works better and is easier to move than the traditional method of filling the flower pot with dirt and sticking artificial flowers in it! For one thing, dirt eventually grows weeds and grass, making your flower pots something else to maintain.



 Flower pot, styrofoam block with flowers and air dry clay.


Press air dry clay into base of flower pot.

After filling base with clay, add the styrofoam block and continue to press clay surrounding the block to set it securely in place. Add as much clay as needed to make pot heavy enough to withstand winds. You can top with decorative pebbles if you like or just leave the clay to harden.  Adding pebbles or stone will make the pot more resistant to being knocked over easily.


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