Making A Rolltop

One or two 55 gallon plastic drums make very lightweight and easy to move rolltops that never need painting. One drum cut in half will make two 3' long by 1' high rolltops. If using 2 drums, you can place the drums that are cut in half on top of each other to make a rolltop approximately 21" high. Use green indoor/outdoor carpet to cover the rolltop and the end of the rolltop that faces outward. A 3' X 8' carpet will cover a rolltop made from one drum, you will need 2' wide by 1' high carpet piece to cover the rolltop end that faces outward. A 3' X 10' carpet will cover a two drum rolltop, and the carpet covering the end needs to be 2' X 2'.


Using a circular saw, cut the 55 gallon drum in half following the seam on the drum.





Lay carpet over top of rolltop, leaving a 2"-4" edge on the underside of the barrel



Drill through the carpet and barrel, making sure to include the carpet on the underside of the barrel.


Thread a zip tie through both carpet holes and the barrel hole. Tighten zip tie. I use zip ties because it makes it easy to replace the carpet when it becomes worn.

Cover the end of the rolltop that will be facing outward with carpet. I used Gorilla Glue to secure carpet to rolltop.



Finished rolltop made from one 55 gallon drum.


If using 2 55 gallon drums, place one half of drum on top of other half drum and drill hole to secure both halfs together. Secure with bolt. Follow above steps to complete rolltop.

This shows a rolltop using two 55 gallon drums.


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