Painting Faux Stone Walls

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Painting realistic looking stone walls for jump fillers is relatively easy.  It does require some time and patience because it takes a few steps and requires time to let the paint dry.




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Making A Lattice Coop

lattice coop photo

It is very easy to make a lattice coop using two 8 foot wide by two feet high PVC lattice sheets found in home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. You can also purchase PVC channels that attach to the edges of the sheets to make them look more finished and less likely to catch on something. This is an easy and relatively inexpensive jump filler.

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Easy Flowerpots For Jumps


easy flower pot

You can make all weather flower pots by using sturdy plastic flower pots, styrofoam blocks , air dry clay and artificial flowers. This works better and is easier to move than the traditional method of filling the flower pot with dirt and sticking artificial flowers in it! For one thing, dirt eventually grows weeds and grass, making your flower pots something else to maintain.

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Making A Rolltop

One or two 55 gallon plastic drums make very lightweight and easy to move rolltops that never need painting. One drum cut in half will make two 3' long by 1' high rolltops. If using 2 drums, you can place the drums that are cut in half on top of each other to make a rolltop approximately 21" high. Use green indoor/outdoor carpet to cover the rolltop and the end of the rolltop that faces outward. A 3' X 8' carpet will cover a rolltop made from one drum, you will need 2' wide by 1' high carpet piece to cover the rolltop end that faces outward. A 3' X 10' carpet will cover a two drum rolltop, and the carpet covering the end needs to be 2' X 2'.


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Building Schooling Standards

making jump standardsChoose your lumber depending on the desired height of your standards. Keep in mind that the taller the standards, the heavier they will be to move. You also don't want to drill holes all the way to the top of the standards because it will make the jumps top heavy and less stable. Buy pressure treated lumber to withstand the elements.

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Adding Detachable Neck Covers To Blankets

My favorite neck covers are the Amigo brand from Horseware. Since they fit close to the blanket, there seems to be less chance of other horses grabbing the neck covers and pulling them off. I also like the neater appearance.




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