Paddocks And Pasture Chutes

rsz paddocks and chutes smallI wanted to be able to turn the horses out and bring them in conveniently and safely. To do this, each stall has an individual paddock attached to it. Each paddock has a gate that leads to a private pasture. Turning the horses out only entails opening the gate. When I bring the horses in, I just shut the gate and that gives the pasture time to rest. Even in bad weather conditions, the horses still have their paddocks to move about. I would suggest having at least 5 foot high fencing in the paddock areas. If it is possible, 6 foot high (or higher) fencing will keep the horses from fighting or playing too much over the fenceline. Even if you have quiet horses now, that doesn't mean sometime in the future you may not have youngsters or boarders horses that are more active and harder on the fencing.

View of Pastures

Paddocks with "chutes" leading to private pastures.

Small gates connect to each paddock to allow ease of cleaning manure without having to access paddock through each stall.

rsz 1chutes side by side

View of chutes from right hand side of barn