Rain Gear

Working in foul weather is unpleasant, especially if you get soaked through your clothes in chilly temperatures.  After much trial and error, I have finally found an appropriate way to dress that allows me to work outside in a downpour and stay relatively dry.  I did have to sacrifice fashion for function, however!

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Cold Weather Tips

One of the most important rules for keeping warm is to have multiple layers of wicking materials.  Wicking materials allow moisture to move away from the skin and evaporate from the surface of the material. Clothing made of materials that wick will be indentified on the label.  Wicking is sometimes referred to as moisture transfer.  Common wicking fabrics include Thermax, Polarfleece and Microfiber, to name a few.  Some items referred to as "breathable", such as cotton, do not transfer moisture away from the skin.  The body is more susceptible to chilling when wet or damp clothing is against the skin.

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