Thanks for visiting! I hope you'll make The Pitchfork Chronicles a regular stop. This site is designed as resource center for sporthorse and small horse farm owners and enthusiasts.

A little background on me and why I created The Pitchfork Chronicles:

I am an adult amateur that has owned horses since my early teens.  I've always kept my horses at home except for the few years before we bought our current farm. I have competed through the Preliminary level in eventing on horses that I've trained, raised two foals that I started under saddle, and started a few OTTBs onto new careers.  I am not a professional but I am always striving to improve my riding and horsekeeping skills. I regularly take lessons and read as much as I can to increase my knowledge base.  It seems that the more I've learned, the more I realize how little I know!

In over forty years of horse and/or farm ownership, I have accumulated many ways of making equine ownership and care more efficient and affordable.  Some of these ideas are my own, but most have come from fellow horse and farm owners.  My goal is to  share this knowledge through this website.  I welcome any ideas or feedback as there is always room for improvement.

In 2014, I made the decision to sell the farm and move to Pennsylvania with my husband so that we could be closer to our daughters and their families. I went from being a farm owner to a boarder. This lifestyle change will be incorporated into the website and offer suggestions on being a boarder as well as being a farm owner.

Please check out the  "Step by Step" section, which contains photos and instructions on projects ranging from tack cleaning to building your own jumps.

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Email me if you have suggestions or questions! I'd love to hear from you.



Michele Klesmer

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